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Order in financial business ...

... is a prerequisite for optimal business operations in the company. If you are in control of the financial business, and you are also in control of the overall business of your company.

With a timely reaction, you can avoid negative consequences for your business, or optimally edit all the parameters that will lead you to a successful business.

Ekvilibrij d.o.o.

is an audit firm that employs two certified auditors with years of international experience in auditing.
Zrinka Dobrić

Certified auditor with more than 25 years of experience in auditing and projects in an international and domestic environment:

- Ernst&Young Milano - KPMG Zagreb,

and with years of experience as Finance Director.

Hrvojka Stilinović

Certified auditor with more than 20 years of experience in auditing

- Roedl Kuffer & Partner

and with the experience of the Director of Financial Control and the Regional Financial Manager for a group of countries in an international company.

what we do

EKVILIBRIJ is a company that offers its clients a personalized approach to solving all problems in bookkeeping and financial operations.

We provide financial statement audit services for companies and the non-profit sector by international auditing standards.

We work as internal auditors and assist in the implementation and development of accounting systems.

We prepare transfer pricing studies and provide change management services.

We provide certified court expert services in the field of accounting and finance.

our customers

Years of experience in working with EKVILIBRIJ employees have the opportunity and satisfaction to cooperate with a wide variety of client profiles, which include:

  • law offices
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • trading companies
  • non-profit organizations
  • offices of patent agents
  • software companies
  • representative offices of foreign companies in the Republic of Croatia
  • companies in the automotive segment
  • due diligence investors in the Republic of Croatia